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Sean McLellan

Principal Software Architect

Sean McLellan
Professional Status
Open to opportunities
About Me
A highly motivated full-stack Software Engineer/Architect with over 15 years of experience, architecting and developing both internal systems and commercial products.

My experience includes full-stack development, Cloud/Cloud Native on Azure/AWS, Containerization, SharePoint 2010/2013/2016 based internal and external portals, service-oriented applications (SOA), REST-based web services and Microservice based architectures on Windows and Linux platforms.

I have an in-depth knowledge of dotnet core, C#, ASP.NET and MVC as well as a passion for the latest trends in technologies including TypeScript, NodeJS, React, webpack and similar technologies. I'm very passionate about the DevOps experience and reach for CI/CD tools and automated processes. Hobby level interests in IoT and UAVs. Contributor and maintainer of open source projects.
  • Principal Architect responsible for interacting with clients, product managers and developers in order to envision, model and provide software designs. Performs software reviews to ensure quality of the design. Collaboratively works with other members of the software team to become familiar with the strengths of team members to ensure that team experience and knowledge is well represented.
Detailed Description
  • Interstate Hotels and Resorts

    Re-engineered an application from SharePoint to ASP.NET. Utilized Node.js+TypeScript to perform complex field mappings between SharePoint and an existing relational database leveraging JSON Schema for data definition/validation.
  • Brightcove - CMS Connector
    Developed and maintained an open-source React based application that allows users to upload video content to AWS S3-based services as well as to discover and embed content on CMS platforms.

    Utilized docker-based containers and a custom Node.JS based API Gateway to host and pass-through REST services that utilized SharePoint Online as a backend.
  • PERC - SSO Solution
    Provided Architectural guidance and development IdP-initiated SAML-Based SSO implementation in .Net Core
  • Walker Dunlop - Client Portal
    Provided Architectural support and guidance for the design and implementation of a public, borrower-facing portal to expedite and streamline the loans approval process.
  • Walker Dunlop - Compliance Application
    Provided Architectural support and guidance for the design and implementation of an internal compliance tracking tool
  • U.S. Treasury Office of Financial Stability (DO) - SharePoint 2010/2013 Support

    Providing ongoing architecture, development and infrastructure assistance with a SharePoint 2010/2013 based farm solutions incorporating custom Service Applications, K2 workflows, InfoPath forms, content-type hubs, farm monitoring and other SharePoint 2010/2013 based solutions.

    Primary Architect and Engineer for a framework that greatly reduces the deployment process overhead, simplifies development and the developer learning curve, and also reduces the amount of plumbing code necessary to create applications, web services, and other SharePoint components for business data in order to rapidly provide solutions for a customer whose scope is ever expanding and changing.

    This project greatly reduced the time that complex solutions could be provided to the customer and reduced the time between iterative changes, allowing our team to focus on providing the best solutions rather than the deployment process.

    Developed and deployed an Acquisitions Management System (AMS) that simplifies the pre-and-post award processes for contract management using Silverlight, WCF, and browser-based technologies such as React, AngularJS and jQuery.

    Implemented CI/CD with VSTS to provide an automated mechanism for deploying JS-based solutions into SharePoint

    The results of this project reduced the workload of Treasury personnel and increased data quality.

    Holds Public Trust as part of responsibilities
  • ITT/Excelis – InfoPath 2007 Forms Support

    Implemented changes to an existing SharePoint 2007/InfoPath 2007 Site to incorporate Windows Workflow Foundation based workflows and outgoing e-mail customizations as part of the SCNS/SERS program
  • Montgomery County Public Schools – SharePoint 2010 based internal site

    Functioned as a member of a two-person team that developed a system for teachers to plan student curriculums and link them to district-approved resources. Teachers are able to share and search for shared plans.

    Integrated Telerik Scheduler control with the SharePoint site and provided REST based WCF services hosted in SharePoint.

    Provided FAST search customizations to allow plans to be surfaced and security trimmed within search results.
  • Microsoft Corporation – SharePoint 2010 Based Partners in Learning Network

    Functioned as a member of a seven-person, off-site team long-term project involved in continuing development on a SharePoint 2010 based, global web site, which includes seven regionally localized sites, focused on enabling educator collaboration.

    Was instrumental in the migration of the application from SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2010.

    Provided key design decisions to areas of new functionality incorporating SharePoint 2010 features such as Document Sets and FAST search.

    • Provided recommendations to the design and performed ongoing maintenance of parallel SharePoint Dev/QA/Stage/Production environments contained in Microsoft Hyper-V based virtual machines.

    Developed custom features and solutions with an emphasis on branding, including jQuery based customizations, to support the project.

    Implemented custom Authentication provider that utilized a combination of LiveID authentication against AD based users.

    Created and maintained a separate, SharePoint based ‘PartnerSite’ for partners to be able to submit data via custom InfoPath forms with code behind.
  • Lewin Health Group – Public Portal

    Provided continued maintenance as a developer on an ASP.Net 1.1 based BI website that allows for users to submit patient data. Data is then analyzed using the Heath Care industry standard Grouper software and results stored in a SQL database and visualized using SSRS based reports.

    Made necessary changes to import processes and other areas as required on a bi-annual basis by the client.

    Created a tool to normalize data contained within the data warehouse using Linq to SQL. Tool greatly reduced run time from literally days with the ORM that was created as part of the tool to L2S.
  • Akin Gump LLP – Internal Portal

    Oversaw development of SharePoint-based solutions to extend the functionality of the portal used by internal and external customers.

    Extended the MOSS 2007 auditing capability to support cross-site collection auditing.

    Created highly configurable custom workflow feature that launched an out-of-process OCR package to automatically generate PDF documents that contain a text-layer from images and other documents uploaded to a document library. Having the text layer in place supports searching on images and PDF documents that would have not otherwise been indexed.
  • College Board – BI Portal

    Participated in two-person development project involving ASP.NET 2.0 designed to augment a manual process.

    Recommended and implemented 3rd party tools such as DevExpress to facilitate development and provide an excel-like interface that users were comfortable with.
  • American Petroleum Institute – Extranet

    Functioned as a member of a two-person, partially on-site team involved with elaborating and implementing a design for a SharePoint based extranet that supports organizational committees.

    Developed feature-deployed branding of SharePoint including custom feature receivers and web parts.

    Developed custom authentication and permissions mechanism, including custom login pages based on user information contained in external store.

    Worked in conjunction with program manger to create deliverables for stakeholder buy-in.
  • T. Rowe Price – Intranet Portal

    Developed a custom SharePoint 2007 WSP solution that included feature receivers, custom web parts, event handlers, Workflow and e-mail enabled lists to provide for an Information Request processing system within SharePoint.

    Created custom WF workflow to handle incoming e-mail requests and perform custom processing including custom e-mail notification.

    Developed a custom site template that contained a custom theme, custom pages and feature stapling.

    Developed a custom site template that contained a custom theme, custom pages and feature stapling.

    Created feature receivers to programmatically add web parts to various pages, set permissions, modify audiences and other automated site provisioning tasks.

    Developed state-based workflow using custom event handlers.

    Utilized VSeWSS 1.1 CTP to develop solution.
  • ITT/Excelis – An on-site MOSS 2007 Installation

    Functioned as part of the team to deploy an on-site MOSS 2007 installation that included custom development to incorporate an issue tracking application within SharePoint that included custom content types, forms, event handlers and Web parts.

    Developed custom SharePoint 2007 Web parts that interact with the SharePoint object model to retrieve list items via Enterprise Search and CAML queries including filter criteria, KPI dashboard, aggregated calendar and item entry Web parts.

    Created SharePoint event handlers to perform custom behavior on document and list items.

    Extended the SPGridView control where necessary to provide the ability to add and edit list items within a grid view.

    Customized SharePoint search pages and customized search scopes where necessary.

    Added and modified custom ContentTypes where necessary.
  • Learning Tree International – BARKNG

    Functioned as a member of a three-member, on-site team involved with creating the next generation of BARK, an internal CRM application used by inbound, outbound and corporate sales representatives to track customer interactions, orders, fulfillments and marketing.

    Developed ASP.NET 3.5 AJAX-based server controls and pages that incorporated AJAX Control Toolkit components with both client and server-side based code.

    Created data access layer using LINQ to SQL.

    Modified SQL Server 2005-based database schema as necessary to incorporate changes.

    Incorporated third party components from ComponentArt, Aspose and Karamasoft.
  • FINRA – A Financial Portal

    Functioned as a member of a four-developer, on-site team involved with incorporating improvements and changes to an ASP.NET 2.0-based portal used by financial organizations to track regulatory-based issues.

    Modified and created ASP.NET 2.0-based web pages and user controls. Majority of the code was server based, but also included some client-based functionality.

    Worked with Oracle DBAs to refactor application search functionality.
  • Access Group - Need Access

    Assisted on-site development staff with development tasks on a true, multi-tier, Web development project.

    Developed comprehensive suite of unit tests for façade-level interfaces using a combination of Visual Studio 2005, nUnit, and TestDriven.NET.

    Created Web UI interface tests using TestComplete.

    Developed static and dynamic ASP.NET Web pages that capitalize on ASP.NET 2.0 master pages.
    Created and updated SQL Server 2005 stored procedures as needed.